Rosin, gum rosin, pine oil, tung oil  
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gum rosin, pine oil, tung oil
gum rosin, pine oil, alpha-pinene
rosin, gum rosin
  rosin, gum rosin Factory

With a history of 20 years in the R & D of Chinese forest chemical products, SUNNY ROSIN is comprised of three forest products manufacturing and trading enterprises. Forest chemical products such as Gum Rosin, Turpentine, Pine OilAlpha-pineneBeta-pineneTerpineolSynthetic CamphorDipenteneLsolongifolene other Derivatives are the primary commercial commodities produced and marketed by SUNNY ROSIN.Rosin Chemicals like Pentaerythritol、P-Tert-Butylphenol、Maleic Anhydride、and Fumaric Acid have also become SUNNY ROSIN's main business line.

After many years of successful business operations, SUNNY ROSIN has a broad marketing network within China and abroad, and is continually adapting itself to the changing market and economic situations in order to maintain the traditional excellent service to our customers.

The SUNNY ROSIN philosophy is to provide our business partners with a reliable and comprehensive service. Wherever necessary, we take responsibility for production, transportation, documentation, and all other aspects of modern international trade.

The concept of repeat business is essential to us. This can only be achieved when our customers are completely satisfied with our performance. This is our constant goal. Let the SUNNY ROSIN work for you !

gum rosin, tung oil, beta-pinene
China rosin, gum rosin,terpineol,pine oil,turpentine,activated carbon,forest flavour,fragrance.

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